Sparkle Like A Star Kids Bracelet

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Sparkle Like A Star

You were born to shine baby cakes, so shine your light so brightly, never letting anyone or anything dull your sparkle.


Calming - Nurturing - Self-Awareness

A guardian stone that calms and protects, Howlite gently soothes anger and fear whilst allowing emotion release and understanding, which can be highly beneficial if you find it hard to understand and express your inner feelings and emotions.


Self-Belief - Positivity - Confidence

Grounding and balancing Hematite delivers clarity and logical thought processes to the mind, especially helpful if you lack courage or self-belief. Hematite’s strengthening vibrations help to boost self-confidence and positivity, allowing creativity to flow freely and naturally whilst helping you turn your dreams and aspirations into realities.


4mm polished howlite beads, 4mm plated hematite star shaped beads and Sterling Silver Findings.