You Are All Kinds Of Magical Kid's Bracelet

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What a wonderful feeling to know there is no one else like you, no one that has the same unique magic within!

By wearing this Bracelet you are reminded that, You make the world a better place, just by being magically YOU

Rainbow Fluorite

Manifestation - Self-Confidence - Guidance

Rainbow Fluorite is a stone of protection, used to manifest your life's purposes and incorporates structure and motivation into your daily life, allowing you to pursue goals and aspirations with guidance and purpose.

Rainbow Fluorite increases self-confidence and helps to eliminate fixed ideas, dissolving illusions to reveal truth and realness.


Confidence - Self Awareness - Inspiration

A stone of transformation and magic, Labradorite increases your intuition and innate magical powers, it provides clarity and insight into your inner strengths and unique powers, helping you to attract success and abundance, whilst energising the imagination with new ideas.

Highly protective labradorite helps to banish fears and insecurities by strengthening and enhancing faith in oneself whilst easing an overactive or doubtful mind.


6mm & 4mm Polished Labradorite Beads, 4mm Polished Rainbow Fluorite Beads, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.