Tots Zen Kid's Diffuser Bracelet

Bracelet Size

Tots Zen

Created to deliver comfort and support in times of anxiety and emotional disharmony, allowing your Lil one to feel loved and hopeful during hardship and low moments in life.

Black Tourmaline

Stability - Emotional Healing - Empowered

Black Tourmaline radiates calm and relieves stress and tensions. Grounding and purifying Black Tourmaline is exceptional for dispelling fears, obsessions, addictive patterns and delivers emotional stability, allowing you to remove negative blocks and self-limiting behaviours enabling you to feel motivated, self-assured and empowered.

Green Aventurine

Optimism - Inner Harmony - Emotional Balance

Green Aventurine helps you to be optimistic whilst dissolving negative emotions. An all-round healer that promotes wellbeing, inner harmony, emotional stability and helps to boost self-confidence.


Calming - Self-Confidence - Clarity

Sodalite is an excellent stone for the mind, helping to calm an overactive mind and eliminate mental blockages and confusion, bringing clarity to internal thoughts and feelings, helping you see things rationality and removes false illusions. Balances emotions and calms nervous energies whilst enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Lava Stone

Courage - Emotional Balance - Self-Confidence

A stone for grounding and stability Lava Stone strengthens whilst stabilising moods and emotions, removing negativity in times of self-doubt or feelings of lack.

Lava Stone instils courage and strength to follow your dreams and to let go of fears that hold you back. Lava Rock contains intense power and vibration that volcanoes behold, reminding you that you can thrive in tough conditions especially when life goes through major changes.


4mm Black Tourmaline Beads, 4mm Green Aventurine Beads, 4mm Sodalite Beads, 4mm Lava Stone Beads, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.