The Wolf Howlite and Unakite Kid's Necklace

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Wolf Medicine

Free-spirited and a wise teacher, the wolf helps us to see and appreciate who we truly are, helping you to find our purpose and own path in life and to follow it with confidence and trust.

The wolf helps you to face your fears and to trust your instincts whilst enhancing self-confidence and self-assurance


Emotional Healing - Stress Reliving - Soothing

A guardian stone that calms and protects, Howlite gently soothes anger and fear whilst allowing emotion release and understanding, which can be highly beneficial if you find it hard to understand and express your inner feelings and emotions. Howlite can also be useful if you don’t sleep well at night, it calms and relaxes the mind which aids in deep restful sleep.


Self-Awareness - Clarity - Inner Wisdom

Unakite the stone that helps promote harmony and self-conviction. Unakite enhances self-awareness by allowing you to know your own truths and to stand firmly in your own beliefs and needs. Unakite aids in decision making, and helps to ground you, whilst balancing emotions allowing you to feel self-validation and joy.


Blue Howlite Wolf Bead, 4mm Matte Unakite Round Beads, 2mm Matte Hematite Beads, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.