The Dolphin Aquamarine & Lava Stone Kids Diffuser Necklace

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The Dolphin

The Dolphin playful, friendly and highly intelligent, encourages us to feel deeply, dream, love unconditionally and play. The Dolphin helps you to let go of worries and embrace the beauty of who you truly are, whilst encouraging your own natural expressions of joy and happiness.


Emotional Balance - Harmony - Self-Awareness

Aquamarine gently brings emotional patterns to the surface for healing and release whilst empowering you to take charge and responsibility of your life, it offers emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life changes, and provides you with balance and harmony.

Lava Stone

Courage - Strength - Empowerment

A stone for grounding and stability Lava Stone strengthens whilst stabilising moods and emotions, removing negativity in times of self-doubt or feelings of lack, allowing you to feel empowered and confident.

Lava Stone instils courage and strength to follow your dreams and to let go of fears that hold you back. Lava Rock contains intense power and vibration that volcanoes behold, reminding you that you can thrive in tough conditions especially when life goes through major changes.


Black Dolphin Pendant, 4mm Aquamarine Beads, 4mm Lava Stone Beads and Sterling silver Findings.