The Butterfly Sodalite & Ametrine Kids Necklace

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The Butterfly

Joyful, graceful and free, the butterfly reminds us to trust the rhythms of nature and the process of change. Known for its abilities to transform, the butterfly teaches us to spread our wings and have the courage to fly when the time is right. The butterfly helps you to lighten up and to not take life too seriously.


Soothing - Positivity - Emotional Healing

A combination of both Citrine and Amethyst, Ametrine embodies the vibration of both crystals and amplifies their energy to delivery strong healing and positivity, gently clearing stress and worries, allowing you to find calm, harmony and happiness within.


Focus - Self-Confidence - Clarity

Sodalite is an excellent stone for the mind, helping to calm an overactive mind and eliminate mental blockages and confusion, bringing clarity to internal thoughts and feelings, helping you see things rationality and gain focus, it balances emotions and calms nervous energies whilst enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem.


Sodalite Butterfly Pendant, 4mm Polished Round Ametrine Beads, 2mm Matte Clear Quartz Beads, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.