The Bison Howlite and Red Jasper Kid's Necklace

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Bison Medicine

Enhancing strength and endurance, the Bison helps you to stay determined and focused when pursuing important goals whilst removing self-doubt and struggle. The Bison teaches us to have gratitude and appreciation for all that we have in life.


Emotional Healing - Stress Reliving - Self-Awareness

A guardian stone that calms and protects, Howlite gently soothes anger and fear whilst allowing emotion release and understanding, which can be highly beneficial if you find it hard to understand and express your inner feelings and emotions. Howlite can also be useful if you don’t sleep well at night, it calms and relaxes the mind which aids in deep restful sleep.

Red Jasper

Motivation - Emotional Harmony - Courage

Red Jasper the stone of empowerment, stimulates your imagination, transforming ideas into action, whilst enhancing courage and determination to pursue goals and aspirations. Red Jasper can help to stabilise moods and balances emotions, helping you to find comfort when you start to become overwhelmed with worry or negative thoughts.


Blue Howlite Bison Pendant, 4mm Polished Round Red Jasper Beads, 2mm Matte Hematite Beads, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.