Mermaids Have More Fun Kid's Bracelet

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Mermaids Have More Fun

The Mermaids Have More Fun Bracelet reminds you that, You're Mer Mazing

Be a mermaid and always make waves


Patience - Emotional Balance - Inner Wisdom

Moonstone, the stone of new beginnings delivers deep emotional healing. Moonstone helps you to pay attention to the cycles of life and with each cycle, it helps you to gain wisdom and understanding. Moonstone enhances patience and allows you to understand everything has perfect timing. Moonstone's nurturing, soft feminine energies soothe emotional stressors and anxiety, replacing them with hope, calm and encouragement.


Self-Belief - Creativity - Courage

Like rejuvenating saltwater Apatite cleanses your soul and uplifts your spirits. Apatite strengthens courage and confidence whilst soothing stresses and worries. Apatite evokes positivity in times of doubt and enhances self-capability and self-worth, helping to stimulate inner creativity whilst increasing self-belief and motivation, enhancing your ability to create your reality and recognise your unique abilities and magic.


Truth - Self-Confidence - Harmony

The goddess stone for true expression, clear communication and soothing feminine energies, Chrysocolla helps you to express yourself with truth and clarity. Chrysocolla gently soothes the heart delivering harmony and balance, allowing you to be more compassionate and loving. Chrysocolla helps to ease worries, anxiety and other fear-based imbalances, replacing them with inner harmony and self-confidence.


2mm Matte Clear Quartz Beads, Polished Moonstone Nugget bead, 4mm Rondel Apatite Beads, 3.5mm Chrysocolla Beads, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.