Lil Bear Howlite & Snowflake Obsidian Kids Bracelet

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Bear Medicine

Highly protective, curious and intelligent, the bear encourages independence by urging us to slow down and look inside ourselves when help is needed, whilst reminding ourselves to explore the unknown and find our own answers, the bear is a powerful dreamer and finds great purpose in exploring one's dreams


Calming - Nurturing - Self-Awareness

A guardian stone that calms and protects, Howlite gently soothes anger and fear whilst allowing emotion release and understanding, which can be highly beneficial if you find it hard to understand and express your inner feelings and emotions.

Snowflake Obsidian

Inner Strength - Easing Worries - Protection

A powerful stone for protection and grounding, Snowflake Obsidian balances the entire mind, body and spirit allowing you to find your centre by gently removing negativity within and around you. It’s strengthening energies remind you just how capable and powerful you truly are, whilst easing an overactive, anxious or worried mind, removing negative thought patterns and fears within.


Blue Howlite Bear Bead, 4mm Matte Snowflake Obsidian Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.