I Am Capable Kid's Diffuser Bracelet

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I Am Capable

Self-confidence - Mental Clarity - Inner Strength

I Am Capable was created for your child to reach beyond what they think they're capable of to achieve their hearts desires with confidence.


Ambition - Creativity - Motivation

Pyrite a crystal of creativity imparts an immediate increase in vitality and gives you a boost for accomplishing challenging tasks. Pyrite stimulates creativity, feeding your ambition, commitment and persistence, boosting your self-confidence and determination, while also promoting new ways of thinking for clarity and positive action.

Lava Stone

Courage - Emotional Balance - Self-Confidence

A stone for grounding and stability Lava Stone strengthens whilst stabilising moods and emotions, removing negativity in times of self-doubt or feelings of lack.

Lava Stone instils courage and strength to follow your dreams, and to let go of fears that hold you back, Lava Rock contains intense power and vibration that volcanoes behold, reminding you that you can thrive in tough conditions especially when life goes through major changes.


4mm Polished Round Pyrite Beads, 4mm Lava Beads, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Findings