Calm The Farm Kids Relaxation Bracelet

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Calm The Farm

Calm The Farm was created to deliver your Lil one calming and soothing vibes, to support and comfort them when the world gets a bit too much to deal with.


Calming - Nurturing - Self-Awareness

A guardian stone that calms and protects, Howlite gently soothes anger and fear whilst allowing emotion release and understanding, which can be highly beneficial if you find it hard to understand and express your inner feelings and emotions.

Sage Amethyst

Intuition - Healing - Calming

A strong healing stone, Sage Amethyst is known for its protectiveness with a high spiritual vibration that enhances inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual awareness. Sage Amethyst is also very soothing and calming, it relaxes the mind and promotes peace and tranquillity.

Green Aventurine

Optimism - Inner Harmony - Emotional Balance

Green Aventurine helps you to be optimistic whilst dissolving negative emotions. An all-round healer that promotes wellbeing, inner harmony, emotional stability and helps to boost self-confidence.


4mm Polished Round Howlite Beads, 4mm Polished Round Sage Amethyst Beads, 4mm Polished Round Green Aventurine Beads and Sterling Silver Findings.