Brave As Crystal Pouch

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Brave As Crystal Pouch 🦁

A Lil collection of powerful crystals to remind your Lil one just how brave, courageous and capable they truly are.


Bloodstone enhances inner strength, courage and determination, it gently pushes you to move forward despite any setbacks or self-doubt.


Malachite provides you with the will power to confront and move past any emotional or physical blockages in your life, whilst protecting you against negative energies.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eyes powerful vibration encourages and supports you to walk your path with truth and bravery, whilst boosting vitality and clarity.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx a powerful stone for inner strength and protection, it removes fear and self-limiting thought patterns that can hold you back in life.


Each Brave As Crystal Pouch comes with the above crystals, intuitively selected, with a crystal card meaning in a crystal pouch.