April Birthstone Bracelet

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Herkimer Diamond

Healing - Balance - Support

The Herkimer Diamond is only found in Herkimer New York in the USA, has one of the most powerful healing energies of any crystal found. It has the ability to enhance the healing energies of any crystal it's placed next to, whilst still holding it's own strength and magic.

The Herkimer Diamond allows you to adapt to any situation, even if it’s unfamiliar grounds, situations or new people, it's reassuring energies work to put you at ease in these uncomfortable situations and support & guide you in the right direction, whilst boosting self confidence and self awareness.

The Herkimer Diamond delivers the balance that you need emotionally, physically & mentally to bring alignment and oneness back to self, whilst clearing any blockages, so positivity and balance can flow effortlessly.


Self Confidence - Positivity - Clarity

Know as the Master Healer it not only assists in the healing of the physical body, but also the emotional body, helping with exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed, it removes negative energies replacing them with positivity and confidence.

Clear quartz provides clarity and focus, which can be helpful for children that have difficult time holding attention spans for a certain period of time, enhancing concentration and memory retention.

 Details 2mm Matte Clear quartz beads, Herkimer Diamond, 2mm Sterling Silver beads & Sterling silver findings.