Peacock Love Kid's Necklace

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Peacock Love

Teaches you to walk your own path of beauty and spiritual connection, whilst having self-confidence and integrity to follow your bliss, you are always guided and protected.


Comforting - Self-Awareness - Confidence

Amazonites soothing and soft energies help to eliminate worries and fears whilst comforting and nurturing. Amazonite is the stone of truth, clear communication and courage, empowering you to discover your truths and who you truly are, whilst removing self-doubt and self-limiting behaviours.


Trust - Self Acceptance - Hope

Lepidolite the stone of trust and acceptance, brings hope during darker times, it helps to release negativity within the body and supports your self-acceptance and self-worth whilst making you aware you of all the good within you.


Truth - Self-Confidence - Harmony

The goddess stone for true expression, clear communication and soothing feminine energies, Chrysocolla helps you to express yourself with truth and clarity. Chrysocolla gently soothes the heart delivering harmony and balance, allowing you to be more compassionate and loving. Chrysocolla helps to ease worries, anxiety and other fear-based imbalances, replacing them with inner harmony and self-confidence.


Creativity - Ambition - Vitality

Pyrite is a stone of vitality and drive, it helps to boost your will power, ambition and creativity. Pyrite increases your mental clarity and focus, giving you an unstoppable and unshakable mindset towards dreams and goals you’re pursuing.


4mm Lepidolite Beads, 4mm Amazonite Beads, 4mm Chrysocolla Beads, 4mm Lava Beads, 2x3mm Pyrite Faceted Rondelles and Sterling Silver Findings.