I Am Gifted Necklace For Girls


Calming - Self Awareness - Clarity

A stone of Wisdom & Clarity, Iolite's soothing energies helps to calm & balance an active mind, brining it back to a state of focus & clearer thinking, whilst improving self-expression, clarity & enhances the ability to find the right words.

Iolite allows you to understand more in depth your own unique gifts, that only you have to offer this world, whilst helping you to honour & use these gifts given.

Iolite encourages you to take full responsibility & ownership of your life & not depend on others for validation of who you are & what you’re wanting in you life, allowing you to walk your own path with confidence & truth.


Confidence - Self Awareness - Inspiration

A stone of transformation & magic, Labradorite increases your intuition & innate magical powers, it provides clarity & insight into your inner strengths & unique powers, helping you to attract success & abundance, whilst energising the imagination with new ideas.

Highly protective labradorite helps to banish fears & insecurities by strengthening & enhancing faith in oneself whilst easing an overactive or doubtful mind.

Details - 2mm Clear Quartz Beads, 3mm Faceted Labradorite beads, 4mm Faceted Iolite Beads, Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.