Crystals to Calm and Balance Children

Crystals to Calm and Balance Children

Calming and Balancing Kids

Calming and balancing children has been a parental challenge for Eons and with so many more children being diagnosed with ADD, Anxiety, Depression and other Mental Illnesses, any support is good support, especially if you’re looking for a more natural and non-invasive way to provide comfort and support.

The Children of today are coming to this world more and more intelligent and connected then what most of us can’t or don’t have the capacity to comprehend and support.

Here are a few crystals we recommend to assist in the calming and emotional balancing process.

Green Aventurine

An all-round healer that enhances wellbeing, inner harmony and emotional stability, Green Aventurine enhances optimism, self-confidence and positivity, allowing you to be in control of your emotions and trust your capabilities and strengths.


Sodalite is an excellent stone for the mind, it helps to eliminate mental confusion and blockages, allowing a busy mind to find peace, it balances emotions and calms nervousness, whilst enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence.

Blue Opal

Soft and soothing energies of Blue Opal help to remove tension and stress from the body and clear unnecessary overthinking, whilst encouraging you to take steps to live a life of harmony and balance.


A combination of both Citrine and Amethyst, Ametrine embodies the soothing vibrations of both crystals and amplifies their energy to deliver calm, positivity and strong healing to the aura, whilst supporting you to make better life choices, allowing you to release old habits and behaviours that don’t support you