Crystals For Sleep

Crystals For Sleep

Nightmares, Insomnia and Disturbed Sleep Patterns

A night without a deep and restorative sleep can affect the entire family, adults find it hard to Adult at work and for children, it can affect their moods, behaviours and concentration at school or at home, not fun for anyone.

Be it an overactive mind, insomnia or nightmares keeping them awake sleeping with crystals under their pillow ensures the crystals energy is close by delivering comfort and support or placed next to the bed can also be effective.

 Here are a few crystals that we recommend for a good night's sleep


Howlite’s soothing energy helps to calm an overactive mind and reduces stress and tension, it can assist with insomnia if placed under the pillow, it can also be carried with you throughout the day to ease anxiety and anger.


Amethyst helps to purify and cleanse the energy in your room, it’s calming and soothing energy promotes deep and peaceful sleep if placed near the bed or under the pillow and can help if you are prone to nightmares or insomnia.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz has powerful grounding energies that help to dissolve stress and negative energies, it can calm the body and mind, helping you to let go of worries and promote deep peaceful sleep.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorites peaceful energy deliveries clarity and calm to an over-stressed mind, it promotes deep relaxation and helps to cleanse and stabilise your aura, protecting you from negative energies around you