Crystals For Confidence & Bravery

Crystals For Confidence & Bravery

Confidence and Bravery

All parents want their child to feel safe, confident and brave, to recognise their unique magic and strengths and to stand firmly with self-acceptance and self-understanding.

Imagine being able to truly honour and recognise your strengths at a tender age, so you can walk through life with self-awareness, strength and purpose, not only surviving but thriving through teen years and embarking adulthood with confidence to follow your hearts calling and live a life of courage, truth and purpose.

It all begins with us embodying Confidence and Bravery

Here are a few crystals we recommend to support Confidence and Bravery


A stone of courage Aquamarine encourages the expression of your true self, it teaches you how to fully accept and honour all that you are, and gently washes away fear, self-doubt and judgements delivering you courage, emotional freedom and balance.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eyes powerful vibration of vitality and clarity helps to boost your willpower whilst strengthening and fortify the physical body, it’s grounding and allows you to stand firmly in your own truth and delivers encouragement when needed.


Bloodstone helps to enhance inner strength, courage and determination. Bloodstone gently pushes you to move forward despite any setbacks, giving you the strength and motivation to follow through without giving up, awakening the warrior energies within you.


Malachite provides you with the willpower to confront and move past any emotional and physical blockages happening in your life in the present moment. Malachite helps to balance emotions, especially during times of taking on other's emotional baggage, it is all one of the most powerful minerals for protection against negative energies.

Black Onyx

A powerful stone for protection and inner strength, Black Onyx removes fear and self-limiting thought patterns that can hold you back in life. In Peruvian and Native American traditions Black Onyx is known to amplify personal power that comes from facing your fears, guiding you to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.