Kids & Crystals

Beyond kids being drawn to crystals because of how cool they look and feel, like a magnet our wise Lil people are guided to crystals because of their sensitivity and innate connection they still behold, the wonder and magic that still runs freely within their souls, they gravitate to what mineral they need naturally using their inner wisdom and intuition.

Children are highly receptive to the healing powers and wonder that crystals embody, making it even more beneficial for kids to connect with, the younger the better I say, when everything around them is still alive and magical, what parent out there wouldn’t want more inspired, creative and empowered children, and crystals have that exact magic to ignite their magic within.

Crystals instil a sense of belief and purpose to not only children but adults alike, they help us to remember who we truly are, and remind and support us when we’ve forgotten.


Where does one begin really ;)

There are so many beneficial reason for Kids to connect to crystals here are just a few, that I'm pretty sure you as parents will appreciate.